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Their quotes are clear, they are constantly responsive when I have questions or require clarification, and most significantly they always do what they state they are going to do when they state they are going to do it!Brian McMahon, PresidentCustom Concrete Prep and Polish has actually always surpassed our expectations. We have gotten a lot of favorable feedback from our clients on the finished product.

They're always happy to work with us on our schedule and attempt to accommodate it as best as possible. They're terrific about letting us know the lead time for an offered crew and how much notification we need to give him to help prevent scheduling conflicts. We will definitely work with Customized Concrete Preparation and Polish again! You men are our go-to for concrete staining and polishing and we value the collaboration.

Customized Concrete was able to make it work with no push back. The sealed concrete in South Adams County Fire District Head office primary lobby looks beautiful. The Owner and Architect have actually commented sometimes on how well the ended up product ended up. I would gladly work with CCPP again and I hope to see them on my next project!Tim Cornella, LEED Green Associate Job EngineerThe owner enjoys the floor and truly valued the effective method your crew performed.

Jana BrautigamMark and his crew are great. Our floorings look incredible. I wish we had actually utilized them for our other dining establishment Dos Santos. We're going to have Mark's crew been available in November to renovate the floors there. Ken WallentaWhite PieThe staff did a great task. Thanks for all the fantastic work!Paul Quick, LEED APYour men were excellent and I'm pleased with the finished floor.




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Mark PerryMark Perry ConstructionCommunication happened in a very prompt way, constantly. I am a designer and dealt directly with the guys. I didn't always desire something that had actually been done before and I asked for multiple examples to look at on the floor. They made it take place. My customer was on a timeline and despite pressing it to the limit, they came through and fulfilled the conclusion date for them.

Plain concrete pieces have actually served as the floor covering material for basements, garages, patios, and utility locations for several years, but concrete is now likewise a feasible product in home interiors, where it can be polished, engraved, or stained to work as the completed flooring surface. If you are utilized to thinking of concrete as a practical surface suitable just for utilitarian surface areas, the numerous virtues of concrete as a decorative floor covering material might come as a surprise.







A concrete floor is extremely strong and durable, and if it is effectively installed and preserved, it can last for as long as you own your house. decorative concrete austin. And the design choices are extremely diverse. But concrete is likewise really tough and cold underfoot, and it is an useful option just where there is an existing concrete slab, such web link as in houses with slab-on-grade foundations, or in the basements of houses built over review basement structures.

Pros Reasonably inexpensive Long lasting Easy to maintain Design flexibiity Cons Difficult and cold Slippery Susceptible to moisture Ecological issues The installed cost for a concrete floor can differ rather a lot given that there are a lot of surface alternatives. Costs can vary from $2 per square foot for a basic to $30 or more for high-end artistically rendered floorings.




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A standard concrete flooring design consists of putting the piece or overlay, then a standard polishing and single colorizing treatment (staining or dyeing).: $7 to $14 per square foot. This cost variety includes pouring the slab or overlay, then polishing and staining with several colors. $15 to $30 per square foot.




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These are rather artistic floors. A sealed and appropriately preserved concrete floor can last indefinitely. Even in industrial applications, concrete can make it through under high-traffic conditions for many years. Over the long run, this can save you a significant amount of cash and effort over changing flooring every couple of years. Concrete floor covering begins with a structural concrete pad that is by nature incredibly strong and durable, which is why it is so popular for hard-working business locations, such as garages and warehouses.

It is challenging to damage, and high heels, furnishings legs, and animal claws won't Get More Information scratch the surface. You likewise don't need to stress over damage from many dropped items. While it is possible to chip or scratch a concrete surface area, you have to work quite hard to do so. Keeping a concrete floor looking its finest is relatively easy.




Polished Concrete AustinDecorative Concrete Austin
Besides that, you can use a neutral cleaner to mop the floor tidy periodically - stained concrete austin. A blue utility pad can be used for especially stubborn stains. Concrete floorings can be susceptible to settling and breaking in time, and this is a more frequent problem when an existing structural piece has adjusted to a finished domestic floor covering surfacesuch as when a basement or loft apartment has been transformed to living area.




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Visually, concrete floors are a great match for houses with a modern-day or commercial design and are less appropriate for traditional vintage home styles. A refined and acid-stained concrete flooring will likely watch out of place in a classic colonial-style house, for instance, however fit rather well into a contemporary-style home.

While the basic refined slab is often exactly what is required, property owners also have the alternative of a variety of texturizing and colorizing techniques: This refers to a thin layer of brand-new concrete laid over an existing slab to renew it. The overlay is then polished and colorized in the exact same way as a brand-new slab.

When a sealer is then used, the outcome is an extremely attractive, glossy flooring. When treated with mild acids, concrete will interact to form a vibrant mottled surface area that has a marble-like appearance. Each flooring is completely special. Another technique of colorizing concrete, dyeing is the application of a strong colorizing agent over the ended up surface.

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This operation yields a less long lasting finish and requires more maintenance than bonded abrasive refined concrete. Hybrid polished concrete - A multi-step operation, using either standard grinding/polishing devices, lightweight equipment, high-speed burnishing equipment or a mix of all three to integrate the mechanical grinding, refining and polishing process with the friction rubbing procedure by using bonded abrasives, abrasive pads or a combination of both to achieve the specified level of ended up gloss as defined by the CPAA.

Aspects that determine the grind and seal process include: the concrete substrate conditions, resilience requirements and desired finished look. For the most part, the concrete is very first passed with a grinder to remove impurities from the surface area. Flaws such as fractures and divots are then covered with a cementitious patch repair.







Next, the surface should be correctly cleaned up and after that there's the alternative to color the concrete with a stain or color prior to sealing the flooring with a wide variety of sealers or seal systems. Sealed concrete will accomplish a greater level of gloss than most refined concrete applications. The choice for satin and matte sealants is likewise readily available. Using concrete likewise minimizes the energy taken in to transfer a factory-made product, such as tile or carpet, from the plant, to the distributor, and ultimately to your home - decorative concrete austin.




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Stained Concrete Floors AustinPolished Concrete Floors Austin Tx
Exposed aggregate sleek concrete (much like a regular polished concrete flooring) is very comparable to sanding wood - stained concrete floors austin. We use large machines to mechanically grind and reveal the aggregate in a concrete flooring. As soon as the level of aggregate wanted is achieved, the floor can then be turned into developed, and eventually polished concrete.




Decorative Concrete AustinPolished Concrete Floors Austin Tx
While many concrete floors need to sit for see here now (ASTM Standard) before polishing, an exposed aggregate floor may begin wihin of the original put. The only reason for starting the refined concrete process faster than the suggested ASTM requirement is if the polish is going to expose aggregate. We suggest within the first 7 days if is desired.





It's a requirement. There are 3 classes of exposed aggregate floors. 5-15% Fine Aggregate and 85-95 Cement Fines 85-95 % Great Aggregate 5-15 % Blend of Cement Fines and Coarse Aggregate 80-90 % Coarse Aggregate 10-20 % Blend of Cement Fines and Great AggregateAggregate direct exposure class signifies the surface exposure grinding and polishing the floor.




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Floor flatness at the time of grinding and polishing is a crucial factor to consider in selecting the proper aggregate direct exposure class - stained concrete austin. Surface area exposure portions are based on visual observation of the total area of the sleek floor.

Sleek concrete floors, long see post consigned to finished basements and business areas, are making well-deserved inroads into domestic houses. Recent advances in the capability to seal and stain concrete have actually raised its aesthetic appeal, permitting it to contend with another stone floor covering such as marble, granite, and slate at a portion of the cost.




Decorative Concrete AustinDecorative Concrete Austin

Below are numerous of the pros of constructing your brand-new home with the cement of refined concrete or exposing the concrete floor of your existing house. Those most thinking about developing environmentally sustainable homes have actually been among the very first to accept polished concrete floorings, and with good factor. Sealed concrete has a shallow environmental impact.




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Likewise, the compounds used to sand and end up a concrete flooring are extremely low in unpredictable natural substances (VOCs), which pollute the environment and reduce indoor air quality, which can have adverse health impacts. The substances utilized to seal concrete floors have no long lasting smell. In addition to making sleek view concrete incredibly sustainable, concrete has long been the least costly floor covering alternative available.

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Polished Concrete AustinStained Concrete Floors Austin

Sleek concrete floors are exceptionally durable throughout their life, but will require a little maintenance to keep their stunning shine. Fortunately is, they are generally much easier to preserve than other kinds of decorative floors (polished concrete austin). Routine maintenance consists of keeping the flooring without dust and debris that can abrade the surface with dust and damp mopping.

Time: 00:48 Images of refined concrete floorings with details about slip resistance and traction. Refined concrete floorings may look as smooth as glass, but they are totally safe to walk on when kept tidy and dry. What's more, they tend to be less slippery than waxed linoleum or polished marble. In public centers with heavy foot traffic, nevertheless, preventing slip-and-fall accidents is a top priority.

Follow a routine upkeep program, and clean spills and discolorations from the floor as soon as possible. Use an anti-slip conditioner. These products include unique additives designed to improve traction and make damp surface areas more secure - decorative concrete austin. They should be reapplied periodically, but they can merely be mopped on throughout routine cleansing.




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These items are simply mixed into the sealer before using to increase traction without eliminating from the look of the sleek surface area. Supplement with rubber mats or location carpets in high-traffic entranceways. Understand that the procedure of polishing concrete floorings requires a lot of expertise and making use of specialized heavy-duty polishing machines equipped with diamond-impregnated disks that slowly grind down surface areas to the desired degree of shine and smoothness.




Polished Concrete AustinStained Concrete Austin
You'll wish to employ an expert concrete polishing contractor to do the work. Find a regional concrete polishing specialist. Among the most reliable methods to dress up sleek concrete is to use dye. Concrete dyes are offered in a much wider color scheme than acid discolorations, and unlike stains, they are not chemically reactive with concrete so the impacts tend to be more predictable and less mottled.

Made up of exceptionally great natural pigments, dyes penetrate into concrete surfaces to develop clear color results. You can utilize dyes alone as a main coloring representative or in combination with acid discolorations or integral color as an accent shade. Many dyes are compatible with each other and can be combined to develop an endless variety of color variations.




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Dye makers typically suggest using color at the grit level just prior to the final polishing step and then applying densifier afterward. However, Bob Harris, author of Bob Harris' Guide to Refined Concrete Floors, states he has actually had excellent success using dye at the 400-grit stage and after the piece has actually been densified, because dyes are soluble and will permeate readily.

Although there is no reason to neutralize the floor after coloring with color, as is needed when utilizing acid discolorations, you ought to clean up residual dye from the surface area to avoid the color from smearing. Harris recommends using a car scrubber fitted with a vacuum recovery system for large tasks and a mop or damp vac on smaller sized tasks.

Some solvent-based dyes are premixed and come prepared to use, while others are shipped in dry powdered form and need blending with acetone prior to use. You can usually thin dyes with extra acetone if you desire to lower the color strength. Know that all solvent-based dyes are extremely combustible, so precautions should be taken when applying them.




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Likewise make sure the room is well aerated and no open flames are present. Water-based dyes are usually packaged ready to utilize and require no blending. Harris says that you can use water-based color to polished concrete at the exact same stage as solvent-based dyes (around 400 grit), however given that these dyes are water soluble, you may require to use the densifier initially, particularly if the concrete is soft, to make the surface less permeable.

The very best way to use solvent-based dyes is with a pump-up or airless sprayer fitted with an acetone-resistant cone-shaped nozzle to ensure uniform protection. Since these dyes dry really quickly, prevent applying them by brush, which can lead to brush stroke marks. For small locations of information, pop over to this site use the dye with an air brush for the very best outcomes.







On smooth surfaces, color-washed appearances can be attained by ragging or sponging the color on the surface area in a random movement. On open areas, the use of a pump-up sprayer followed go to the website by another individual rubbing the dye into the surface area with a microfiber applicator or rayon mop is an effective method of using the color.




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Utilize the coverage rate given on the dye container just as a basic standard. Layering dye color upon dye color is a fantastic way to accomplish variation and much deeper color strength. Numerous light applications of color will achieve deeper penetration than one heavy application. Wait at least 15 minutes, or up until the first application is entirely dry, prior to using a second coat of color.

Constantly use a test sample of color prior to covering the whole floor so you can see the degree of color strength and how easily the floor is accepting the dye. If possible, conduct the test sample on the actual floor in an area that will not be seen, such as in a closet or storage room.

They may fade if applied to outside surface areas. Contractors can polish concrete utilizing damp or dry methods, however generally they use a combination of both. Wet polishing usages water to cool the diamond abrasives and get rid of grinding dust. Because the water minimizes friction and serves as a lubricant, it increases the life of the polishing abrasives, particularly the resin-bonded disks, which can melt at high temperatures.




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Teams need to gather and get rid of the slurry that's generated, which slows performance. Dry polishing requires no water. Rather, specialists use makers equipped with dust-containment systems that remove practically all of the mess. Usually dry polishing is used for the preliminary grinding actions, when more concrete is being my site gotten rid of. As the surface ends up being smoother, and teams switch from the metal-bonded to the finer resin-bonded diamond abrasives, they usually alter to damp polishing.

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However those same house owners have reason to be concerned about putting a new piece or overlay, given that the manufacture of concrete requires a substantial expenditure of energy and generous amounts of carbon dioxide. A concrete floor can be an excellent choice if you have an existing slab structure and a house design that is a good stylistic fit for the sleek gleam of honed concrete.

Concrete sealers are items used to concrete floorings for the main function of increasing a floors resistance to spots. The kind of concrete sealants used in domestic floor covering are described as 'film-forming,' meaning that there is a layer on top of your floor that both protects your floor and improves its appearance.

Sealers are selected based upon the application and wanted look. Low Cost High Gloss FinishVery High Spot and Chemical ResistanceFast Install Time.

Sleek concrete is attained by a mechanical process which includes grinding, honing, and polishing. Stained concrete is the application of a stain, either acid or water-based, which alters the color of the concrete. Sleek concrete exposes the natural charm of the component in concrete. Stained concrete modifications the color of the concrete, itself.




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Individuals frequently error sleek concrete and sealed concrete, and we don't hold that versus them. Hey, if, how can we expect people to observe the difference in between two pieces of glossy concrete? (typical acrylic sealant): Installation The concrete is cleaned and allowed to dry - stained concrete floors austin. A thin layer of acrylic is spread on the concrete, used in a comparable fashion as paint.

Some sealants are specifically developed to avoid wetness intrusion under completed floorings, and oftentimes sealed concrete is used for inexpensive, low traffic locations (such as stairwells, IT rooms, file storage, etc.). The issue with sealants other than being normally awful is that they wear rapidly and are vulnerable to damage by wetness coming up through the slab and heavy traffic/impact on the top of the piece.




Polished Concrete Floors Austin TxStained Concrete Austin
These surfaces are susceptible to needing re-waxing and resealing regularly and never have the same clearness or "pop" as a piece of correctly polished concrete (even on day 1). Sealers can assist prevent freeze thaw issues in cold locations and are used typically for outside functions or on the CMU walls of your uncles basement of his house in the river bottom, however as an interior surface area for high traffic they just don't cut it.







Throughout these grinding passes, control joints, cracks, spalls, and other flaws can be filled and fixed to make a smooth flooring. During the grinding, numerous aggregate and concrete functions that have actually been buried considering that placement end up being noticeable producing a stunning, one of a kind floor. Depending upon grit level; a glassy, mirror like finish can be accomplished.




The Greatest Guide To Stained Concrete Floors Austin

The increased surface firmness imparted by the densifier reduces dusting, staining, and maintenance producing a cleaner, much healthier environment. This occurs within the concrete, not on the surface area significance traffic will not greatly affect the ended More hints up product. Polished Concrete is therefore an excellent choice for high traffic, high exposure locations that should be functional, gorgeous, and long-term.

They each have their place in deep space, and we'll definitely discuss this subject once again in subsequent posts - polished concrete austin. In the on the other hand, the next time you are strolling on a stunning piece of refined concrete, take notification! Or let us understand if you wish to explore among our projects so you can see what we mean.




Stained Concrete Floors AustinDecorative Concrete Austin
The Meaning of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Style) or Green Structure is building or remodeling structures with the least existing or continuous impact possible on the environment. Provided these qualities discovered in the Sleek Concrete process and resulting flooring, you might discover your project more easily receives accreditation with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Structure Ranking System.

One of the numerous benefits of utilizing Polished Concrete is the reality that it is ecologically safe. visit the website Our polishing system uses no solvents or volatile natural substances. If an existing finish is removed in preparation for polishing the concrete, we advise using a wet grinding procedure, which bypasses the requirement for removing with acids and other strong chemicals.




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American Concrete has worked on several LEED Silver, Gold and Platinum tasks. To get more information about the LEED program, see www. By reconditioning the existing concrete, we are recycling, and conserving energy along with land fill area. This is a viewpoint that we as a business want to pursue for our children, our future and because we feel that this is the accountable thing to do. decorative concrete austin.

1, 1. 2 and 1. 3: Building Reuse - Products & Resources Credits 3. 1 and 3. 2: Structure Reuse - Materials & Resources Credits 4. 1 and 4. 2: Recycled Content - Environmental Quality Credit 4. 2: Low-Emitting Products: Adhesives you could try these out & Sealants - Environmental Quality Credit 7. 1 and 7.

4: Development in Design A concrete floor lowers the ecological impact that new construction or demolition would produce. That makes it friendly to the environment. The thermal mass of your refined concrete floor tends to lower heating and cooling loads by keeping the temperature in the structure. That translates into significant energy cost savings.

The remarkable sturdiness of your flooring suggests no demolition or disposal problems that come with upkeep or replacement of VCT, Tile or Terrazzo. Polished Concrete is a low-maintenance floor, with a maintenance plan that utilizes no harmful chemicals and does not launch any VOCs. (Volatile Organic Substances) Polished concrete floors are 100% fire resistant.




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Many individuals are uninformed of the differences between sleek concrete and grind and sealed concrete floorings, which can frequently make picking one puzzling for someone who is not a flooring professional. For instance, some customers might stumble upon a sealed concrete task that sparks their own interest, however then might ask for the application of polished concrete when looking for a floor covering contractor on their own.

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The Greatest Guide To Polished Concrete Floors Austin Tx


So how do you identify the very best item to utilize for a particular project? The aspects that enter into play aren't much different than those you would consider for indoor vs. outside painting: direct exposure conditions, the look you're trying to attain, alleviate of application, and safety and ecological concerns. A bowling street floor colored with water-based discolorations.




Stained Concrete Floors AustinStained Concrete Austin



For indoor jobs where ventilation is poor, concrete stains with a low VOC material will be your finest option. Some chemical spots include solvents and corrosive components that can trigger eye, skin, and lung irritation. Chemical spots can be messy to use inside due to the fact that you need to scrub the slab thoroughly after using to eliminate any stain residue, followed by rinsing with tidy water.





Water-based spots are easier and more secure to apply indoors due to the fact that they are devoid of solvents and acids, and they do not require neutralization or rinsing. If you wish to match an existing color pattern or make a strong design declaration, water-based spots will offer you an unlimited selection of color alternatives and, like wall paint, can be mixed to create custom-made shades - decorative concrete austin.




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On this property flooring project, chemical spots in dark walnut and antique amber were used to develop an appealing vine pattern. For the best results, concrete stains must be used to interior pieces that have a low moisture-vapor emission rate. find out Some manufacturers recommend carrying out a moisture-vapor emission test to look for viability.




Polished Concrete Floors Austin TxPolished Concrete Floors Austin Tx
However, due to the fact that acid discolorations deeply penetrate and chemically react with the concrete, they might provide greater resistance to fading and use with time. Both types of stain are permeable to water vapor and act as great barriers to moisture penetration. An acid stained patio with a scored diamond pattern. Holland Decorative Concrete in Rockwall, TX.

Nevertheless, the residue and runoff from rinsing off the stain should be contained because it could hurt the turf and surrounding greenery. Water-based spots don't require rinsing and any residue can be securely cleaned up with soap and water. decorative concrete austin. If you wish to replicate the look of natural aged stone, chemical discolorations will respond chemically with the mineral content of the concrete to create a gorgeous mottled appearance (see this acid-stained patio).




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However, water-based discolorations will provide you more color alternatives and the ability to tailor colors to coordinate with the color plan of your house exterior. For this property driveway job, solid-color water-based discolorations were utilized to match the home's existing style scheme. Whether you're staining indoor or outdoor concrete, all stained surface areas ought to be secured with a suitable sealant, which is identified by the kind of stain, exposure conditions, and the level of traffic.

For indoor tasks, lower gloss look these up levels tend to be easier to clean up and won't show wear or surface area scratching as much as high-gloss sealers. Discover more about picking the finest sealer for your task.




Decorative Concrete AustinDecorative Concrete Austin
Sleek concrete is fast ending up being the ultimate no-wax flooring product. With the appropriate flooring grinding equipment and experience, concrete polishing specialists can grind concrete surfaces, whether new or old, to a high-gloss surface that never ever needs waxes or finishes. Consider the superior toughness and performance of concrete, and it's not surprising that why Going Here more retail, commercial warehouse and workplace facilities, and even property owners are capturing on to the appeal of these smooth, high-luster floors.

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